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Best DIY wall decoration Ideas

Posted by admin20 January 2021

5 Best DIY wall decoration Ideas

Use these simple DIY to create an accent and beauty to your home décor.  DIY craft ideas would certainly add a new elegance and charm to your living space. It is completely the best out of the waste that can be easily done at home without much hustle. Here are some beautiful wall art crafted at home with the beauty and elegance of multiple and unique ideas. We can assure you that this DIY will give a glamorous and upscale look to your home. These room décor DIY ideas would not only add a cozy and modern look to your living space but will also be budget-friendly without much effort. These handicrafts have a nice blend of uniqueness and simplicity. These DIY ideas are very eye catchy and will help you to make easy and elegant wall arts for your beautiful home. You would be amazed to see how pretty simple things around us can be changed to something very unique and beautiful.

Abstract Metallic Wall Décor DIY

This Metallic DIY is a creative way to add style to those empty walls and is easy to make using accessible items. It is a simple, quick, and inexpensive DIY.


·         Firstly you need empty Cardboard Boxes, Self-adhesive Reflective Papers, Diamond wrap, and spray paints.

·         Cut cardboard boxes in different measurements to stick on the wall as shown in the picture.

·          Rearrange the cut pieces and stick them to the board.

·          Do the same with reflective papers.

·         Cover u the edges with diamond wrap.

·         Align them all on the poster board.

·         . Pray metallic paint on each cut pieces and stick to the wall. 

·         This art is just perfect metallic and shinier at the same time.


Tassel Wall Hanging

Tassel Wall Hanging is a unique woolen craft wall decoration DIY that gives your living space a modern and gypsy look at the same time. This DIY is very easy to make and gives a new definition to your walls than the regular ones.


·         You need colorful Wools, Plastic the piece, wood dowel or Newspaper roll would also do.

·         Take plastic on each end of the pipe make two holes to attach thread for hanging purposes. 

·         Paint the pipe with acrylic color as per your preference and let it dry completely.

·         Now take woolen thread make pom-pom by using a fork.

·         Wrap the wool 50 times ( Vary upon the thickness of the wool) tie a strong knot.

·         Cut the close loops of pom-pom and trim the threads evenly to give it a complete shape and your pom-pom is ready.

·         Make as many poms as required.

·         Now take a hard small cardboard piece …Wrap wool lengthwise on the cardboard.

·         Keep wrapping the wool min 35 times tie a knot at the end and now remove wool from the cardboard your tassel is ready.

·         Cut the closed loops of the tassel and trim evenly.

·         Similarly, make as many tassels as required depending upon the size of the hanging.

·         To make strings take the double thread of wool and with the help of a needle, attach the tassel to the string.

·         Tie a knot from a tassel just to keep the pom-pom in place; you can also add beads if required.

·         Attach tassel string to painted plastic pipe and insert hanging string with the help of a needle and your tassel wall hanging is ready.


Metal wire Bonsai Tree

Simple and great metallic wire decoration DIY to add an awesome décor to your living space without much effort.


·         Firstly all you need is Glue, Gems Stones or beads, Metallic Wire, wire folding tools.

·         Cut the wire in any size depends on what size tree you prefer… Gather all the wires together and twist.

·         Then keep folding from the root parts by using wire folding tools to create a strong root base.

·         Now detach the upper strings with the help of a tool to create a stem and branch effect out of wires.

·         Keep twisting to give a perfect finish to the bonsai tree and do this to all wires.

·         Now you can paint the metallic structure by using metallic paints of any color as you prefer.

·         And stick beads or small stones around the branches.

·         Now you can place is the metallic tree in a pot or can also stick to your wall by adding led lights your Metallic Bonsai Tree is ready.


Wall Mirror Décor DIY


This DIY of Mirror décor is quick and easy to make; huge mirrors on the walls give an astonishing effect in your living space.


·         The main items for this project are silver plastic spoons or regular spoons painted them silver, Regular cereal box, and a round mirror candle holder.

·         Cut the cereal box in a rectangular shape and then cut them in straight strips like multiple strips.

·         Glue and join the end of strips together one by one.

·         Stick the mirror holder to the piece of round cardboard for the base support.

·         Now stick the silver plastic spoon accordingly as shown in the picture.

·         Glue the entire prepared strips in the base cardboard of the mirror one by one.

·         Glue perfectly so that the design comes out strong.

·         Now glue a small wall holder at the back of the mirror holder and your quick and easy glam mirror wall décor is ready.


DIY Hanging Glass Bottle of Plants

With this hack you can make the best out of waste; as we know there are many glass bottles at home that can be used for décor purposes. So one of the most frequently used ideas we have but with the twist of wall hanging.


·         For this, you need any used empty glass bottle, thread, and money plant.

·         The first step is we are going to take a thread and we are going to make a loop.

·         Prepare a thread for knotting; make sure the thread we are making is long enough so that we can tie a knot in the last step.

·         Make four pieces of thread according to the size of the glass bottle.

·         Now ties all together to the loop giving space to each other.

·         Now put the loop on the top of the bottle and ensure the loop is tied tight enough.

·         Now take one thread from each corner and simply tie it forming a triangular look and keep braiding like that.

·         moving forward apply the same process, just make sure you tie tight enough and keep layering till the end.

·         Take off the excess thread and stretch it too tight enough.

·         Just take another piece of thread and tie the remaining ends with a fancy knot.

·         Take another piece o thread and make hanging out of it.

·         Add some plants to give a fantastic look and our plant hanging from a glass bottle is ready.


We hope you enact all the creative DIY’s and make the most of it.